Saturday, 6 April 2019

Daily ballads as reminders to the lover

At the day's end,
When I'm tired to the bone,
Won't you remember the language of love on my tongue?

The magic I bear in my eyes, and
The words I speak with passion?

These words are as close to me as my skin.

Don't remember the small differences that tend to creep up.

Think of the many tender afternoons and evenings that we've spent together
Conversing as only we can,
I don't speak, but you listen.

Your eyes follow mine.
I blush for a second,
Then adjust.

I focus,
After all, every inch of your heart is mine.

When you smile feebly,
Remember to add in your smile,
A little bit of my sunshine.
And smile, as much as you can.

As the evening dawns upon us
Won't you remember?
How we spent today's twilight hour,
There was laughter and lots of banter.

There was a little crying in pain,
And sighing in heavy breaths,

But even this sighing was sighing,
Over how, we fell in love, yet again. 

Did you even love me?
Or was it all a farce?
The concerts, the movie dates,
And the talking under the stars?

Whenever I see you now,
And trust me it's more often,
There's a burning rage inside me
That I'm trying to soften

My restlessness on seeing you is now gone
Instead there is composure
But the storm still rages within,
Why was there no closure?

I wish you find the peace that you were seeking
Within you somewhere
Or if it was adventure and pace that you were seeking
May you follow your own dare.

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Birthday reminders

To my dearest Shweta, 

Every artist needs a little reminder sometimes. 
Artists like you and me,

Today on your birthday, I would like to remind you 
Of the exquisite act only you can do

By sharing a piece of your life with others

Today, on your birthday, I would like to thank you, for reminding me of my strengths, among other things

By gently nudging each other, I'm sure both of us will evolve as artists

The aim is not to make the world better suddenly

But to make the day more bearable

Spending time with you has always been joyful

With new things to learn and appreciate

Here's to stopping and staring at beauty 
And not missing out on each other's company. 
Here's to making slightly better life decisions.

Here's to artists, like you and me. 
Here's to you and another year of exploring life. ❤

Have you ever?

Have you ever
held someone
as they sleep
in your arms?

Have your heard
their soft breaths,
and sighed softly
at their utter beauty?

Have you ever slept,
and felt
the eyes of someone
gazing at you admiringly?

Love can be harsh
to those
who aren't used to it yet

There are some
who only give

Have you let love in, yet?

Poets are fools

Poets are fools. 
Don't get me wrong. 
We are rebels and leaders
And change makers,
But at the heart of it all,

We are fools. 
We wear our hearts on our sleeves
And our beady eyes are too eager to learn

This yearning of sorts has brought forth
The language of loss

The first time I was heartbroken,
I vowed to myself
To not be vulnerable. 

But without vulnerability,
There would be no poetry. 
And hence no life. 

So when you tell me I'm sensitive,
I am taking it as a compliment. 
For my poetry. 

Poets are fools. 
Words are all it takes to please us.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Things left unsaid

Did I tell you that I still miss you sometimes?

Especially when someone plays a sufi note

It reminds me of you and pains just a little

Whenever I see a handwritten note

I still remember

The shade of blue you wore

The one time I closed your shirt buttons

The one time you touched my bangles

And how samosa made you a glutton

The one time you left marks on my neck

How you never let me give you a peck

You know what else you stole

Apart from my half a smile and my kohl?

The twinkle in my eye and the ring in my laughter

Just thought I'd let you know after

You've spoken about your favourite books

My playlist has been explored

The latest movies, coffee, poetry,

Is there nothing to tick anymore?

But can you hear the still noise my heart makes,

When you try and make eye contact?

Our hands touch for a millisecond

That moment is as sweet as the coconut water

We had on the beach


I just keep wondering

What more?

Would you like to explore the recesses of anything except my mind?

Where do we go from here now?

Your place or mine?